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And it was a great evening, Ginny, Raff and me suffered so much during the match (it was so hot and I couldn't see the screen very well because the place was so full of crazy people) but we had so much fun after! I had promised to bathe in the fountain in Piazza De Ferrari and I managed to oblige Gin and Raf to follow me >O< I adore you girls!!!!! I'm so happy we were together!
I only hope that my dearies Ania and Magda weren't too shocked by italian crazy fiesta... ;P 
I'll post the pics later, because they are great (specialmente *quella* voi sapete..........................................)
But here's the first one: after our bath! ^O^

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Siete bellissimeeeeee ^-^

Aww, how cute!

Um, so, this might seem kind of odd, but you friended me a while ago and I just realized I never said anything and I feel awfully rude! Please forgive me. I'd love having you on my flist. I see that we already have at least one thing in common. ^0^

questa foto è fantastica!!

OMG I just finally heard Muse, and I LOVE them!!! There's even in an article about them in my AP magazine (thats how I finally made the connection between the music and your icons). ^.^

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