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YAY!!! >o<
I've got tickets for Muse Special Pre-Tour Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm so happy *o* I'm going with Manu and I'll meet there a lot of lovely people (it will be our first concert together, twiiiin!!!!!!!) *jumping up and down all over the place*

And I'm such a bitch *grins* I made a nasty joke to Manu: I sent her a message saying I couldn't buy tickets because there was no more place ^o^ and when I told her it was a joke she sent me a message that made my day, she said I'm a b*****d, that she nearly fainted when she saw my sms and that I'll pay for it! 
Ahahah, that's so funny! I can't believe I got her (because I use to do this joke *EVERY* time I buy tickets for Muse's concerts, this means I made it at least twice and she always called me crying >o< )

And now picture meme from laurel_tx

1) Go to and look up the following stuff.
2) Paste a picture for each in your journal. Don't hotlink.

Your SO's name (or your crush's name):

Favourite place:

Your nick-name:

Favourite teacher's name:

Song for your wedding:

Song for your funeral:

Favourite sound:

Name of favourite CD:

First name of whatever fictitional character you'd most wanna shag IRL:

Your worst fear:

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(Deleted comment)
I didn't know it since yesterday evening ;P and it was just because a friend called me immediately ^^

*saltella pure lei e non si ferma*
quasi non ci credo *O* oh my!! spero solo per la questione dei posti... >___<
ti abbraccio forte, non vedo l'ora di rivedere te e manu ^-^

squeeeeee! Però me la tieni la manina quando c'è sbh??? *__* eheh.
Non vedo l'ora!! Finalmente tutte riunite ;P
E zi, speriamo di poterci mettere vicine..
Baci baci twin!

Te la terrò assolutamente *O*
baciottoni! :*

You really are evil...

And... hee... I found the elf on google - it wasn't so hard to guess which fictional character has your preference! But your nickname?

Kisses from Belgium (sad... very sad...)

Ahahah!!!!! (five exclamation marks... who am I?? ;P) Yes, I'm veeeery evil.

Cedric??? XD In reality it was difficult to choose between Lupin and him...
My nickname was Pippi ^////^ because when I was a child I used to have two funny pigtales.

Sigh, I understand how you feel. Good luck for your exams! ('Merda!' as we say in Italy ;P)
Can you please give me your adress? I would like to send you a postcard.

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