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From june_glasschild °>o<°
Which Harry Potter guy falls in love with you? by Chili
Who:Peter Pettigrew
When......he watches you writing on the blackboard.
How he tells you:He writes you a love letter.
What you do then:Moan.
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Why Peter Pettigrew????? °_°

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Hahahah omg! it is worst. A guess after all Seamus isn't so bad. Crazy quiz =¿

Btw, can i use your beautiful colorbars "cedric is love" and "harry and cedric are love"? i'll credit you of course

They're not mine! I took them somewhere on cedricxharry I think.
Of course you can take them (aren't they beaufiful? *adores Cedric and Harry* ) there was no need to credit.

ahah, I told you mine was worse! XD
And I tried to change my house, but it was even worse >.<

Hahaha oh no i try that all the time when my results sucks, i change all the answers and always it's worts =/

One of them was better (ie Fred *sque*) but the others were with... Dudley *____________*' so I thought it was better not to cheat ;P

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